Monday, December 15, 2008

Clutter and Chaos

Today has been pretty exhausting. I am easily stressed out by disorganization, and this move is full of it! I've spent all day shuffling things back and forth from San Jose, trying to figure out which things we'll need when and then attempting to keep them separated based on
which group they're being shipped with (we have 3 different moving shipments), taking apart furniture, documenting and photographing everything we'd be upset about them breaking or losing, trying to move furniture downstairs by myself (NOT a good idea, in case you were wondering), and doing all of this WITHOUT Corey, not having the slightest idea what he wants done with all his stuff.

And, by the way, how in the world am I supposed to estimate what 500 pounds of stuff is? I have no clue. For that matter, how am I supposed to know how much "stuff" makes up 4,000 lbs? Because that's our limit... hopefully we don't have more than that! Who knows!

I also woke up at 4:20 this morning to take someone to the airport, then had a ginormously awesome long workout that kicked my butt. I'm already starting to feel it! Man am I exhausted! And... IT'S FREAKING COLD TODAY!!!!!!

I give up for tonight. Time to take a hot bubble bath, then sit down with a big glass of wine and watch my Lost Season 4 special features!

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ka1t_lyn said...

Ha, I feel you on the disorginization. I organize my file cabinet at night when I can't sleep. I know, a bit nuerotic.

My boyfriend is a mover, so I feel your pain on estimating things. Thankfully I don't think his company estimates by weight. This summer a truck got stopped by the police and they were 20 lbs. or so under the weight limit for Ohio- close!

Best of luck with the move, enjoy relaxing!