Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Sentimental

It's starting to set in. Thanks for a wonderful last visit guys. 


Stefanie K. said...

Awww. :( You poor thing. It's going to be so great, but tough at the same time. You're a trooper. Corey is lucky to have such a supportive wife ready to take on the world with him. You two are going to have some great experiences together!

Obviously my relationship to you (i.e. blogging and nesting) doesn't have to change, so I get to be all puppies and rainbows about your big move. :( But I know it's gotta be hard...

StumpyG said...

Aw thanks, that's so sweet! I know it's going to be great- I feel lucky to have a husband that takes me along on exciting adventures! :) It'll be super fun once we're there, I just have to avoid getting overly sentimental about the things I'll miss!

It's going to be so nice to have blogs and nesties to keep up with while we're there. You guys are so great! Thank you so much for your support!