Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's finally official!

Corey got orders yesterday for our PCS to Misawa! It's about freaking time- it only took 6 months. Geez! But we have them now, so no more looking back! Time to look forward...

... holy crap! Looking forward means we're leaving the country in exactly a month! The movers are coming to our apartment Dec. 18th and 19th to take all our things and after that we'll probably be at my parents house in San Jose until we leave. Which means we really only have less than 2 weeks left of life as "normal" in our home. As much as I'll be so happy to get the heck out of Natomas, I really love our apartment itself and will miss it very very much! I'm getting so sentimental knowing that this little stage of our life is coming to a close. *sigh*

But onto the next exciting stage!! 

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