Thursday, December 18, 2008

Empty Apartment

The movers came today and took away all our stuff! With 3 guys it took them about 4 hours to clear everything out. Let me tell you, it is quite awkward to just stand there for 4 hours and watch people working hard to move your stuff without being able to help them at all (we're not allowed to help for liability reasons I guess). It was 4 hours of trying not to get in the way while still attempting to watch and make sure everything was inventoried correctly without seeming too overbearing. My feet got sore from just standing there feeling useless all day. Ugh.

Here are a few pictures of the moving process (taken from my phone post-strawberry margarita submersion a few months back, so the camera is a little iffy...)
Our bedroom all packed up
The chaos that was the living room
Hard to see, but the 4 crates that our apartment filled up on the moving truck
**Warning- grossness coming** So the movers were nice and fast, but they had some interesting bathroom issues. Each of the 3 guys used it quite a bit and left *ahem*... a lot of evidence behind. Towards the end they clogged the toilet too, which was fun. Yuck!

Anyway, we celebrated the end of this chaos tonight with a yummy dinner at Outback! I LOVE Wallaby Darneds, Outback crab cakes, and Outback ranch dressing! Mmm mmm!

So now we're hanging out with our borrowed air mattress, pillows, and blankets (thanks mom!)... and that's pretty much it. I'm sitting on the floor of our empty bedroom now as I type this.  *sigh* It's weird, but definitely exciting! The next time we see our stuff will be in Japan sometime in February! There's no turning back now!  :)


thetruongs said...

Ewwww, did you have to clean the toilet? It's like them getting back at their clients for them having to move all of your stuff! And moving is such an exciting, and yet terrifying thing.

Purple said...

Ummm... gross!!!!! I can't stand having other people's "evidence" in my bathroom. That is beyond disgusting.

I'm glad everything went well- how exciting this is for you!