Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Updates with pictures!

We've had a great past week! Christmas was nice (Bernie really enjoyed it) and we had lots and lots of great food and gifts. We've been spending some time with relatives visiting from Canada, which has been wonderful of course. My baby cousin Béa was introduced to her first mini cousins' sleepover (although she's the only one who did any sleeping; the rest of us just sat there watching her and waiting for her to wake up so we could play with her!). We also opened some Christmas gifts with her which was oh-so-very cute! 
Sunday night my mom took our entire extended family out to a yummy dinner at the White Shallot (YUM- love that place!). It was cool, we had just about everyone there from my mom's side of the family:
That night Corey and I made a trip back up to Sacramento to finish up work stuff (for Corey) and to do the final wrap up of our apartment. We're completely out of there now- it's weird! I'm going to miss that place! I also got to go to my first (and last, at least for the next 4 years) Nestie get together and meet some great girls! It was so fun!

Now we're back in San Jose for our final week in the U.S.! As soon as my sis and her boyfriend get here we're going to head out and see Marly and Me, which I'm looking forward to. I'm prepared to ball my eyes out. I still get teased about the My Dog Skip viewing fiasco... What can I say, dog movies get to me!

Anyway, that's how my past week was. How was yours??


Reagan said...

I came across your blog when I was myspacing the other night (which I do way too much). I'm one of Adrian's online Houston friends.. lol Your blog is so entertaining! My father spent some of his younger years in Japan, he loved it - his father was stationed there in the Air Force. I hope you enjoy your time overseas! Good luck!

StumpyG said...

Hey thanks! That's so funny, I've read your blogs on myspace from time to time too. I'm glad to hear about your father- I have yet to hear of anyone who has spent time there who hasn't liked it, so that's a good sign! Thanks for reading, and I'm going to add you on myspace in case you don't see this. :)