Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We're back!
We had a really great trip visiting my sister in Mexico over the holiday weekend. We ate A LOT, walked A LOT, saw A LOT, and had A LOT of quality family time. I've posted the pics I took on my picasa page if you care to look at them. Guadalajara is definitely an interesting city. Here is what I learned:

- I would die within 90 seconds if I tried to drive there. Without a doubt. I have never seen traffic or drivers like that in my life.
- Queso fundido is delicious.
- 5 million people is simply way too many to cram into one city.
- If they break your suitcase at Guadalajara International Airport while inspecting your bag, they will charge you $9 to wrap your stuff in saran wrap so it is contained.
- It is very possible to be in the ghetto and the upscale part of town at exactly the same time, in the same place.
- There are more white miniature poodles here than in every other city in the world combined.
- There are also more fountains in Guadalajara than in every other city in the world combined.
- Toilet paper doesn't go into toilets. Hence the gross garbage cans next to each one.
- I suck at money conversion.
- Guadalajarans really love their churches.
- Buses will not hesitate to run you over. I was within a literal inch of finding that out for myself.
- Micheladas are my new favorite drink in the world.
- Noise and air pollution can reach far beyond even LA standards.
- The Hotel Morales is one of the prettiest hotels I've ever seen.
- I suck at speaking spanish.
- My dad gets REALLY excited about Mexican popsicles.
- All the parks and plazas are awesome.
- It is important to always, always, ALWAYS have a Sparkle on you.
- I like Guadalajara overall.

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