Saturday, December 20, 2008


Corey picked up our itinerary for our Japan travels today. Tell me if this makes any sense: We leave from Sacramento at 10am, fly to San Francisco, and then from there fly non-stop to Tokyo. Since we'll be in San Jose the week leading up to our departure, we asked if we could just bypass the Sacramento part and leave from San Francisco (shorter drive, would save them money on that little flight, right?). No. We must leave from Sacramento Airport. *sigh* So we'll drive all the way up to Sacramento on Tuesday morning, take a 30 minute plane ride back over to San Francisco, and be on our way. Silliness.

On the plus side, we get almost 24 hours in Tokyo before we have to head out to Misawa. Yay!


Kaitlyn said...

Is your husband military? Because they do things like that all the time.

But yay for Tokyo!

StumpyG said...

Yeah, he's in the AF. Probably should have seen it coming... that's the military for you.